Teeth Extractions



Our dentists will do all they can to ensure your teeth are healthy, strong and last a lifetime, but occasionally it becomes necessary to remove a natural tooth to restore full function and maintain oral health.

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What happens during an extraction appointment?

Whilst the prospect of having a tooth removed can feel daunting, at Khush Dental we are always patient and you can rest assured that the procedure will be painless.

Our dentists will gently deliver an anaesthetic and once the area is completely numb we will proceed to widen the socket around the tooth before carefully removing the tooth. The area of the extracted tooth will be thoroughly cleaned to promote healing. In some cases we might place some stitches to help close the gum and help it heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our highly trained team of dental professionals always ensure you are fully numb around the area where the tooth is being removed before starting the procedure. If at any point you feel any discomfort, we will immediately stop and reassess, sometimes we may just have to give slightly more anaesthetic!

We will take the time to go through your aftercare instructions which will help reduce the risk of pain. There will likely be some soreness after so will go through your medical history and advise you on the best over the counter pain killers to take in addition to some other instructions that will help speed up the healing process.

Dental extractions starting from £140.

The cost of the extraction will depend on the complexity of treatment required but at Khush Dental we are always transparent and you will always be provided with a written estimate of the costs involved before going ahead with treatment.

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Air Flow

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