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Dental Crowns Glasgow – A crown is a great way to improve the appearance of a broken or decayed tooth. It is simply a cap that is cemented over the damaged tooth, making it blend in with your adjacent teeth and provide a restorative look for your teeth

Crowns can be made from gold, porcelain or ceramic depending on your preference.


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What Types of Crowns Are Available?


Metal crowns

Metal crowns may be made of materials including alloys of gold or other non-precious metal -based alloys. These types of crowns require the least amount of tooth substance to be removed because the metal structure is strong and can be made in thin sections. Metal based crowns are very good at taking biting forces and are very good crowns to be placed in the back molar regions where aesthetics are not as critical.

Porcelain Fused

Porcelain fused to Metal crowns consist of an underlying metal base for strength which is covered by porcelain to improve the aesthetics. These can be placed in both the anterior and posterior regions of the mouth.

Metal Free

Metal free all-ceramic crowns are usually made of zirconia or a high strength glass-ceramic material. Their fabrication and cementation can use modern tooth-strengthening techniques and they represent the ultimate in aesthetics as they are the most life-like in appearance when compared to natural teeth.


A crown is usually made over two visits. At the first visit the tooth is prepared and an impression taken of that prepared tooth.

The impression is then sent to the laboratory so the technician can make a stone model replica of your mouth onto which the crown is expertly fabricated.

While the dental crown is being fabricated, our dentists will make a temporary crown that is stuck onto your tooth with a temporary cement.

At the second visit the temporary crown is removed and the new definitive or bespoke crown is cemented onto your prepared tooth.

At the fit appointment, we will check the margins of the crown to ensure they are flush with your tooth creating a good seal in addition to ensuring the crown fits perfectly between your adjacent teeth and in the bite.

Dental Hygiene Treatments

Air Flow

Air Flow

A jet wash for your teeth! A real game changer, an air polish can improve the look of your teeth and help to prevent diseases in the mouth.


Dental hygiene is important to your oral health because it reduces your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease



A dental check-up is much more comprehensive than most people are aware.