How do we carry out biomimetic procedures?


Biomimetic Dentistry is based on the philosophy of practice which translates to ‘mimic life’. We are trying to restore decayed and broken teeth in a way to mimic natural teeth. Using this philosophy alongside the knowledge available from scientific research and advanced adhesive techniques we can restore teeth using materials in manner which conserves the natural tooth, seals and protects allowing it to function in a natural way.

They help to treat weak, fractured and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and sealed for as long as
possible. Reducing premature additional treatment which could result in root canal treatment or tooth loss.

You may have had large metal amalgam fillings, which were considered to be good in the past. It is now
recognised that placing metal amalgam fillings in teeth, structural compromises the tooth significantly.
These fillings cause cracks in teeth due to the wedge effect as they do not reinforce teeth which allow
ingress of bacteria and further decay. Placing white fillings on teeth in similar manner also weakens
teeth, the bond strength to teeth is weaker which means they fail or need replacing sooner. Not all
white fillings, are placed in the same manner. The techniques and materials used can vary which have an
adverse effect on how long the filling will last. Whereas biomimetic restoration not only seals teeth, but
they restore the natural biomechanics of teeth as the material and adhesive systems used help create
similar properties to natural teeth.

Not all dentist will have the understanding and training of the principles required for biomimetic restorations. The application and knowledge required is very specific which involves maximum adhesion
and stress reducing protocols on teeth. Dentists will have an understanding of adhesive protocols
however biomimetic trained dentist have deeper insight into materials, adhesion techniques and the
science involved into maximising the bond to deeper parts of teeth.

We are confident with the biomimetic protocols and restorations we place, our patients will recieve a
two year guarantee subject to attending 6 monthly check ups and having regular hygiene care. If it fails
within the guarantee period we simply replace the restoration like for like at no additional cost to our
patients. (t/c apply)

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Stress-reduced Resin Restoration

Case 1

Stress-reduced Resin Restoration

Case 2

Ceramic Onlay

Biomimetic Restorative Treatments

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry is based on the philosophy of practice which translates to ‘mimic life’.
Inlay & Onlay

Inlay & Onlay

Inlays and onlays are teeth restorations that are used to strengthen teeth that have been partially damaged, where ultimately a traditional filling may no longer be an ideal option.

Stress Reduced Resin Restoration

Stress Reduced Resin Restoration

A Stress Reduced Resin Restoration restores a hole in a tooth caused as a result of tooth decay, losing a previously fitted filling, or having a cracked/chipped tooth.